The LCCH International Team

The LCCH International Team

Meet your Lecturers

When you study with LCCH International, you are guided and supported by a group of talented and knowledgeable lecturers. With decades of collective experience, our educators draw on diverse backgrounds to offer an enriching and engaging learning journey. All qualified hypnotherapists, our team are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards as aligned with the core values of LCCH International.

Feisal Umar FBSCH

Director and Co-Founder

Feisal Umar is the co-founder and Director of LCCH International. He has worked in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) field for over 20 years and uses various therapeutic approaches to improve client treatment outcomes. His clinical hypnotherapy career has included volunteer positions at Mind in Greenwich and the Oncology Unit at St George’s Hospital. He is a Fellow of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and strives to promote the profile of hypnotherapy within the entire CAM industry.

Julia Lewis, MSc Clinical hypnotherapy, MBSCH, CNHC

Head of Academic Studies and Senior lecturer
Julia Lewis is responsible for the academic assessment process within the college. An accomplished hypnotherapist, she has a particular focus on helping clients to overcome anxiety and cope with performance-related issues. She has spent more than 25 years in the public sector. Julia is an advocate for positive psychology principles linked to workplace wellbeing.

Harold Wijetunge PDCH, MBSCH

Harold Wijetunge has personally experienced the power of hypnosis and now helps his clients to transform their lives. He has learnt from spiritual masters from the east and west, interweaving their ideologies into his way of living and hypnotherapy practice. Harold teaches LCCH International students about the power of self-transformation.

Gwyneth Reeder, PDCH, MBSCH

Gwyneth Reeder launched her hypnotherapy career 10 years ago after training with LCCH International. With a background in Human Resources and Development, she always held an interest in the actions and behaviours of individuals and organisations. Now, she is a lecturer for LCCH International and specialises in anxiety and infertility issues in her private hypnotherapy practice.

Catherine Ayensu, MSc

Catherine Ayensu earned her MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 14 years ago. She incorporates Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment therapy into private practice with clients. Catherine has also worked with mental health organisation, MIND, and runs mindfulness groups and workshops in schools.

Priya Ekanayaka, MSc Clinical hypnotherapy, MBSCH

Administrator and Lecturer
Priya Ekanayaka started her journey as a physical therapist, quickly learning about the power of the mind and body connection. She is a practising hypnotherapist, also working as a lecturer and tutor at LCCH International. Utilising a client-centred combination of psychodynamic and cognitive approaches, she helps clients to regain their personal power, take responsibility, and find freedom.

Elizabeth Sullivan PDCH, MBSCH

Tutor and Digital Marketing
Elizabeth Sullivan is a tutor at LCCH International. She completed her training in 2010 after a career change from Chartered Accountant to Hypnotherapist brought her happiness and fulfilment. Elizabeth particularly enjoys working with people in their 20s and 30s, helping them to have a great relationship and career.

Gina Corbett, MBSCH, CNHC

Head Supervisor, Tutor, Examiner

Gina Corbett has been a practicing hypnotherapist since completing her LCCH International training in 2006. She has diverse experience in private practice, with a clinical focus on auto-immune disease, anxiety, virtual gastric band and the game of golf. Gina’s role at the college includes tutoring, assisting students and mentoring new supervisors.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice and information

Protecting the health and wellbeing of our students and colleagues is our priority. We continue to be guided by the latest official government guidance.
As our government’s guidance continues to change, we will be updating our plans for your safe return to attend the weekend courses regularly.

Our venues are 4* hotels. We ensure they meet the safety and protection guidelines and personally inspect the hotel including the training room.