Mental Health: Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Mental Health: Can Hypnotherapy Help?


Today, they is still immense stigma and unwarranted myths surrounding mental health, with some people still being referred to as ‘just being weak’. Stress and anxiety can manifest differently for everyone. While we all go through periods when we may feel emotions such as stress, anxiety, grief or depression, mental illness lasts a lot longer than just a brief bout with these symptoms becoming severe and interfering with our ability to function. 

In the UK approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year. No one can prevent people from having stress, we all stress about things, its natural and it’s a part of life. But its how we deal with the stress that makes all the difference. The number of people who can’t cope with mental health problems are getting worse, and the number of people who self-harm or have suicidal thoughts are increasing. Celebrities and sports stars who have mental health often make the headline news, but reports show one in seven people are suffering from a form of this in the UK alone each week.

Mental health in the workplace has increased dramatically over the last few years and this is rising. Many people fear if they speak out no one will understand and feel scared they may loose their job and so they keep their mental health or issues to themselves which then builds up and makes life difficult to cope with.

Where does Hypnosis come in and how can this help with mental health?

Well, it’s not surprising that hypnosis can help to treat mental health issues. Hypnosis is not invasive. It is gentle yet strong and direct. A hypnotherapist uses positive direct suggestions, whilst inducing them in a trance like state, which is really getting the patient relaxed with the help of visualisations and suggestions. It is when a patient is in a relaxed state that promotes the aim of the treatment and where old negative behaviours changed into positive ones enabling a more positive you. With Hypnosis, you are able to not only be heard, but also to be treated and without us having to prescribe you medication.

Hypnosis is one of the oldest forms of psychotherapy in the world, and yet it can often be misunderstood. Long associated with charlatans or stage hypnosis, true hypnosis is, by definition, self -hypnosis. In spite of the myth, no one can be hypnotised against their will or start behaving like a chicken for example.

When people do muster the courage to seek help, they usually opt for their GP and they get put on a waiting list of usually six months and this typically would involve seeing a CBT therapist, with Hypnosis not usually the first point of call as its not widely known. In the waiting time to see a therapist, other issues tend to manifest. If Hypnosis was widely known, there wouldn’t be a waiting list of months to see someone and there would be a decrease in suicides each year.

Often you hear about some carers abusing their client’s, but what if Hypnosis was available to carers and offered at an affordable cost? The demands, pressures and stresses that come with being a carer are high. I believe as a Hypnotherapist and having been a carer myself, Hypnotherapy would make a massive difference and hence decreasing the amount of abuse. Just knowing that there is help and support at an affordable cost can make the world of difference.

Michelle Hill

The Mind’s Eye London

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