How to get hypnotherapy clients when you’re just starting out.

How to get hypnotherapy clients when you’re just starting out.


10 ways to get hypnotherapy clients when you’re just starting out

Are you preparing to launch your career as a hypnotherapist? Or are you struggling to find new clients and make connections in the industry? This article includes ten practical and low-cost suggestions to help you find new patients and promote yourself as a hypnotherapist- from anywhere in the world!

It takes time to build a thriving business in any industry. On your journey as a hypnotherapist, you will learn that commitment and hard work are essential to generating new clients and growing your practice.

There is currently significant demand for hypnotherapists in the UK and around the world. The profile of hypnosis in the wellness and complementary medicine field also continues to grow. By utilising the tools available, you can build your brand as a hypnotherapist and lead a rewarding career.

Here are ten ways to get hypnotherapy clients when you’re just starting out.

  1. Market yourself

Nowadays, people turn to the internet to find local businesses. Creating a simple website and opening social media profiles can attract new patients. They also act as a resource for new clients to learn more about you and potentially book a session. Ensure you are honest, professional and authentic in everything you publish online- people form an impression in just 15 seconds!

  1. Create and share content

Social media is an excellent marketing tool when used consistently. By sharing relevant, interesting and engaging content, you can grow an audience and offer your services to a loyal group. Facebook and Instagram are excellent platforms to engage with users; both have pages and resources exclusively for businesses. They are free and easy to set-up. 

  1. Networking

Networking is a great way to meet people in the industry and access opportunities. Platforms like LinkedIn allow you to connect with mentors and like-minded practitioners virtually. You might also benefit from local networking events for hypnotherapists and wellness practitioners.

  1. Join an alumni community

At LCCH International, we offer all graduates the opportunity to join an alumni community group. This ongoing association with the college allows practitioners to stay up to date with industry news, remain connected to fellow therapists and share advice.

  1. Spread the word

Word of mouth is an excellent way to grow your business. Asking your friends and family to share your website, business card, or social media profile is free, and it can quickly generate interest and attract new patients.

  1. Showcase your qualification

Don’t forget to showcase your qualification on your website and social media to highlight your professionalism and experience. A qualification from LCCH International is trusted and recognised, meaning your patients will be confident in booking a session with you.

  1. Find a mentor

Mentorships can help you to develop your practitioner abilities, expand your knowledge and grow your business skills. We have mentorships available to LCCH International graduates who want to challenge themselves and be their best.

  1. Find a professional therapy room

When you’re just starting, it is often impractical and unnecessary to rent or buy a therapy room. Despite this, your patients will still expect a comfortable and professional setting for their appointment. We have a professional therapy room on our premises for LCCH International graduates to hire.

  1. Find a niche

Do you have an interest area within hypnosis your passionate about? Did you know that finding a niche can help you to grow your business? By specialising in a niche area, you can attract a more specific group of clients and work in an area of genuine interest. Common niche areas include pain management, smoking cessation, weight loss, phobias and more.

  1. Be accessible and approachable

How long does a client have to wait to hear back from you? Are your contact details visible on your website? Ensure you are accessible, confidential, and professional when speaking to clients at all times. Approachability is equally essential- particularly for people who haven’t tried hypnotherapy before. You should patiently explain the process and ensure your client feels comfortable even if you are nervous or uncertain.

Growing a client base is an ongoing and sometimes challenging process. At LCCH International, we offer our graduates support to enhance their skills and grow their business.

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