How to Breathe Away Unwanted Emotions

How to Breathe Away Unwanted Emotions


People go through emotional traumas (big or small) as a part of life, and as they do so, certain situations may not necessarily be processed well. Not only can it manifest as a bad feeling, but it can also manifest in the body as a form of energy blockage, which, left untreated, can cause distress and illnesses. For example, withholding something you always wanted to say, or voicing something that was important to you but you decided to hold back may manifest as a tension in your throat.

In the Eastern form of Healing and Yoga, when you bring your awareness to specific point in the body it causes the energy to move to that point (where attention goes – energy flows). Therefore by bringing our awareness to a specific point in your body followed by a controlled breathing we release the blocked energy in that point, which helps us to recover and immediately feel better.

Here is a wonderful exercise to help you to release those emotional energy blockages! Please try it yourselves, share it with those you love and care for and with those you think would benefit from it. (This image expresses where certain emotions accumulate and cause blockages when they are not completely processed)

All you need to do is to sit with your spine erect (to help the energy flow) or to lie down. Close your eyes, put your palms on the point of tension (emotional point as in this image), breath in slowly for 4 seconds imagining a brilliant and soothing healing energy being absorbed into the point as you breath in; hold the breath for 4 seconds and slowly breath out, again, for 4 seconds imagining the stagnant and negative energy leaving your body, then hold for 4 seconds.

Repeat the exercise for 3 – 5 minutes…

Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

Roberta Svile & Harold Wijetunge


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