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Our Mission

LCCH International provides intending practitioners of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as those with an interest in the subject, with the practical skills and theoretical background knowledge to practise hypnotherapy safely and ethically.

Taught by our highly experienced therapists and lecturers, our aim is to provide quality training in clinical hypnotherapy. We enable our students to deal confidently and effectively with a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms from the so-called straight forward, to the complexities of trauma. Practical skills training is an essential part of all LCCH International hypnotherapy training courses.

Our Courses

We have always maintained that Hypnotherapy is a unique, stand-alone professional discipline in its own right and our courses reflect this.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate, Practitioner Diploma, Advanced Practitioner Diploma and Medical Diploma training courses, and CPD Masterclasses are held throughout the United Kingdom at our five regional centres in LondonBristol, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow.

Practical Skills-based Training

We pride ourselves on teaching you how to develop effective and practical hypnotherapy skills that are based on sound theoretical foundations. We demonstrate the techniques we teach before guiding you through their practical application. For every technique we teach, you will then practice with each other. We feel it is extremely important for you to not only know how to guide someone through the experience, but also to gain a perspective from your patient’s point of view. Your lecturer or supervisor will always oversee practise sessions as you take the opportunity to enjoy the hypnotic experience.

International Venues

Our courses are delivered internationally at our centres in Malaysia, Singapore and Portugal, where they are presented in English and in translated versions. Our centres are pioneers in their respective regions and ensure that the highest quality of training is made available to the increasingly global community of hypnotherapists. Our international centres are pivotal to our collaboration with a wide variety of global medical and non-medical organisations.

Our international centres include: Malaysia, Singapore and Portugal.


Hypnosis is perhaps best described as a naturally occurring state of mind – with the emphasis on the word ‘naturally’. People go willingly into hypnosis and as such become more suggestible to the prospect of change. As a hypnotherapist you will guide your patient into this state as part of the process of empowering them to work with their problems. Hypnotherapy is what is says on the box: therapy carried out when a person is in a state of hypnosis.

Tailored options

Our Courses

Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Certificate Course

Your comprehensive introduction to principles and practice of clinical hypnosis. Successful completion of this course will allow you to become insured to practice relaxation and stress management. This is a complete course in itself as well as preparation for further studies.


Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Practitioner Diploma Course

This course is for you if you have completed our Certificate Course or equivalent. It is designed to deepen your understanding and help you to enter into professional practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. The course is diverse and you will learn to become a confident, well-rounded therapist as you explore analytical, cognitive, behavioural and goal-directed approaches to hypnotherapy.


Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Medical Diploma Course

This intensive course is open to you if you are a medical doctor, dentist, or a suitably qualified medical professional. If you are a nurse, paramedic, osteopath, chiropractor, clinical psychologist, health psychologist or physiotherapist who has a minimum of a BSc (Hons) or equivalent then you are welcome to apply. Providing you with more than simple adjunctive skills, this course effectively helps you to integrate hypnotherapy skills into your medical practice, or become a hypnotherapy practitioner in your own right.


Training in clinical hypnotherapy

CPD Events

We frequently present one day Masterclasses on topics of interest to hypnotherapists and other healthcare professionals. We hold these around the UK and abroad and they are open to all who wish to attend. The classes not only allow you to advance your training in clinical hypnotherapy by exploring a particular subject at a very deep level, but they also give you the opportunity to network with LCCH International alumni and therapists who have trained with other organisations.


Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Advanced Courses

We created these short courses in response to your feedback. We recognise that once qualified many people seek to expand their skills and knowledge without having to go for examinations. So with that in mind, these non-examinable short courses provide you with an in-depth exploration of more complex symptoms, advanced techniques and approaches.


Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Specialist Courses

These short courses have been created to appeal to a wide variety of healthcare professionals and those seeking to add a very specific aspect of hypnosis to their current therapeutic toolbox.



Training in clinical hypnotherapy

New courses starting throughout the UK

EMDR and Ego State Therapy courses in London and Bristol

This EMDR and Ego State Therapy training course has been developed in response to popular demand. It brings together two powerful therapeutic approaches. To find out more click here.

Check out our new Sports Hypnosis masterclass

Presented by Dr Alan Curley, you will explore effective ways of using hypnotherapy to work with amateur and professional sporting clients. Click here to find out more. This course is open to hypnotherapists and trainee hypnotherapists alike.

Our new Certificate courses are starting soon around the country

Our new Certificate courses are starting at a centre near you this April. Check out the dates here and bring a new skill into your life for 2018.

Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Hypnosis-induced synaesthesia opens the door to a greater understanding of the brain

Researchers in Sweden have used hypnotherapy to simulate a condition called synaesthesia. This condition is extensively documented and is where people perceive one sense with another: for example being able to hear a colour or smell a sound. The scientists hope that this small scale study will lead to a greater understanding of cognitive neuroscience, and of the condition itself.

You can read their original research here…

Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Can’t remember your password? Hypnotherapy can help!

Bitcoin investors who are potentially sitting on untapped millions are resorting to hypnotherapy in order to remember forgotten passwords that are needed to get into their ‘wallets’. Hypnotherapy helps by challenging unhelpful statements such as “I can’t remember” and reducing anxiety about forgetting whilst at the same time building confidence in remembering. It also helps break through other blockages to recall, allowing someone to reconnect with an old memory.

Find out more here…

Featured Graduate

Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Chris Catchpole PDCH

After completing a case study on the modern addiction of electronic cigarettes and vaping I attained my Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with LCCH International. I am currently successfully building my practice through word-of-mouth and have assisted patients with a variety of conditions including smoking cessation, tinnitus, insomnia, work stress, unfocused anxiety and weight management. I have also been making great use of self hypnosis managing my own arthritis pain.

I am taking my hypnotherapy skills to a new level by starting the Treatment of Trauma course as I am very drawn to this field. In the current environment there are more and more people seeking help, whether in the aftermath of for example a terrorist attack or a tragedy like the Grenfell Tower fire; or a more personal incident, which can be no less distressing. I feel we as a profession have much to offer through this method of healing and look forward to completing the Advanced Certificate in Trauma Hypnotherapy with the EMDR and Ego State Therapy course in May.

I look forward to welcoming new patients to my practice in Wimbledon or in the therapy rooms at the LCCH International offices in Bloomsbury.

I can be contacted via email or on my mobile 07714104872

My website is Please feel free to visit and get in touch via the ‘Contact Me’ section.

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