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Sleeping For Beauty

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We all know that Insomnia can wreak havoc on our mental health but the implications on our physical health are much less discussed. How strong, exactly, is the correlation between our sleep and beauty?

Research has shown that a lack of good quality sleep can lead to a wide variety of symptoms within the body. In some cases this can even trigger the beginning of inherited issues that may otherwise have taken much longer to appear, male pattern baldness and female hair loss are good examples of this. Prolonged lack of sleep can also result in higher levels of stress. Stress in turn can compound the negative effects placed on the hair growth cycle.

But insomnia doesn’t just affect the hair growth cycle it also affects the skin tissue cycle. Sleep deprivation can lead to conditions ranging from premature aging to eczema and psoriasis. And what about those ugly, dark under eye circles we all want to banish? Dermatologists say that sleep deprivation causes the body to go into flight or fight mode in which it draws oxygen away to vital organs resulting in deoxygenated blood becoming visible under the thin skin of the eye.

Collagen, one of the skins primary components, is highly dependent on immune synchronization that’s initiated during restful sleep. This protein plays a key role in the structure, healthy elasticity and youthful appearance of our skin. It’s recommended that we sleep 7 to 8 hours a night to affect the optimal process of the skins collagen formation. Maybe it’s time we slept our way to beauty!

If you would like to learn more about the effects of Insomnia on our bodies and how it can be treated with hypnotherapy please join our Masterclass on the 22nd of September in London, 14th of October in Leeds or the 21st of October in Bristol 2018. To find out more, click here….

By Natasha Kelly

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