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Our Mission

LCCH International provides intending practitioners of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as those with an interest in the subject, with the practical skills and theoretical background knowledge to practise hypnotherapy safely and ethically.

Taught by our highly experienced therapists and lecturers, our aim is to provide quality training in clinical hypnotherapy. We enable our students to deal confidently and effectively with a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms from the so-called straight forward, to the complexities of trauma. Practical skills training is an essential part of all LCCH International hypnotherapy training courses.

“LCCH International was recommended to me and having completed their Practitioner’s course, I now know why! The mix of face-to-face learning, self-study, supervised case studies and tutorials has equipped me with both the knowledge and practical clinical experience I needed to launch straight into practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist upon graduation.  I particularly enjoyed the lively debates within the classroom sessions and with my tutor about different therapeutic approaches and the latest research within the fields of hypnotherapy and psychology.” Debbie Winyard

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As autumn draws to a close you can open up your perspectives by learning hypnotherapy or by adding new skills to existing therapeutic disciplines

Our Courses

We have always maintained that Hypnotherapy is a unique, stand-alone professional discipline in its own right and our courses reflect this.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, Advanced Practitioner Diploma and Medical Diploma training courses, and CPD Masterclasses are held throughout the United Kingdom at our seven regional centres in LondonBirmingham, Glasgow, and our new centres Liverpool and York.

Practical Skills-based Training

We pride ourselves on teaching you how to develop effective and practical hypnotherapy skills that are based on sound theoretical foundations. We demonstrate the techniques we teach before guiding you through their practical application. For every technique we teach, you will then practice with each other. We feel it is extremely important for you to not only know how to guide someone through the experience, but also to gain a perspective from your patient’s point of view. Your lecturer or supervisor will always oversee practise sessions as you take the opportunity to enjoy the hypnotic experience.

International Venues

Our courses are delivered internationally at our centres in Portugal, where they are presented in English and in translated versions. Our centres are pioneers in their respective regions and ensure that the highest quality of training is made available to the increasingly global community of hypnotherapists. Our international centres are pivotal to our collaboration with a wide variety of global medical and non-medical organisations.

Our international centres include: Lisbon and Porto.


Hypnosis is perhaps best described as a naturally occurring state of mind – with the emphasis on the word ‘naturally’. People go willingly into hypnosis and as such become more suggestible to the prospect of change. As a hypnotherapist you will guide your patient into this state as part of the process of empowering them to work with their problems. Hypnotherapy is what is says on the box: therapy carried out when a person is in a state of hypnosis.

Tailored options

Our Courses

Training in clinical hypnotherapy

A Taster Day of Hypnotherapy Training

Are you interested in finding out what hypnotherapy is all about before deciding to train? If so, then do come along to one of our taster days where you will get to try your hand at hypnosis – yes, you will be taught how to guide someone into trance and to have an experience of enjoying trance yourself – in a safe and fun environment. You will also get to meet some of our team and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about this fascinating subject.

Great value for only £10.00


23rd November 2019 – This Course is now Full

14th December 2019 – This Course is now Full

11th January 2020

Dates for other centres coming soon


Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

You asked and we listened! We are delighted to present by popular demand our new Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (PDCH). This exciting new learning experience is your comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of clinical hypnotherapy. We have put a lot of thought into the new PDCH course. It is designed to introduce and then deepen your understanding as you journey towards entering into professional practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. The course is diverse and you will learn to become a confident, well-rounded therapist as you explore analytical, cognitive, behavioural and goal-directed approaches to hypnotherapy.


Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Medical Diploma Course

This intensive course is open to you if you are a medical doctor, dentist, or a suitably qualified medical professional. If you are a nurse, paramedic, osteopath, chiropractor, clinical psychologist, health psychologist or physiotherapist who has a minimum of a BSc (Hons) or equivalent then you are welcome to apply. Providing you with more than simple adjunctive skills, this course effectively helps you to integrate hypnotherapy skills into your medical practice, or become a hypnotherapy practitioner in your own right.


Training in clinical hypnotherapy

CPD Events

We frequently present one day Masterclasses on topics of interest to hypnotherapists and other healthcare professionals. We hold these around the UK and abroad and they are open to all who wish to attend. The classes not only allow you to advance your training in clinical hypnotherapy by exploring a particular subject at a very deep level, but they also give you the opportunity to network with LCCH International alumni and therapists who have trained with other organisations.


Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Advanced Courses

We created these short courses in response to your feedback. We recognise that once qualified many people seek to expand their skills and knowledge without having to go for examinations. So with that in mind, these non-examinable short courses provide you with an in-depth exploration of more complex symptoms, advanced techniques and approaches.


Training in clinical hypnotherapy

Specialist Courses

These short courses have been created to appeal to a wide variety of healthcare professionals and those seeking to add a very specific aspect of hypnosis or a technique that compliments to their current therapeutic toolbox.



Hypnotherapy training

New courses starting throughout the UK

New dates for the Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy have been published.

If you want to start learning about hypnotherapy or want to become a hypnotherapist then this is the course for you! Booking has now opened for our courses starting in London, and York, with dates for Birmingham and Glasgow soon to be announced. Click here to find out more

Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy in London

New dates for the Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy have been published. Starting in April 2020,  this course is now open for booking. Click here to find out more

Working with Pain and Chronic Illness

Dates for this brand new CPD event (masterclass) have now been published. Click here to find out more

Dates for Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy in London starting November 2019

The latest CBH courses to run in London is available for booking. Click here to find out more

Pain hypnosis

More evidence supporting the use of hypnotherapy to manage pain

Researchers at the University of Utah Hospital have reaffirmed that hypnotherapy can be used to help reduce pain. In a yearlong study that involved 244 participants experiencing intense pain as a result of disease or surgery they found that a 15-minute session of hypnotherapy or mindfulness immediately decreased pain levels in a way similar to powerful opioid drugs. The lead researcher, Dr Eric Garland stated that the clinically significant level of pain relief is roughly equivalent to the pain relief produced by the opioid drugs.

Find out more here…

Hypnotherapy Back Pain

Do you have lower back pain? Try hypnotherapy!

Lower back pain is the scourge of many peoples lives. Most suffer for prolonged periods with the only perceived help coming from pain medications and the wearing of back supports. For a while now the medical profession has been investigating whether hypnotherapy can help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms. And they seem to be coming up trumps. Studies are showing that people with long-term lower back pain are benefiting with improved sleep and better pain management with hypnosis. A recent study looked at combining hypnotherapy with physiotherapy and discovered that hypnotherapy helped to improve the outcomes seen with physiology in reducing pain, improving movement and reducing psychological distress. More research needs to be carried out, but this combination of two very different disciplines is looking hopeful for those experiencing the trials and tribulations of back pain.

Find out more here…

Featured Graduate

Fiona Maule PDCH, BSCH (Assoc)

I began my journey as a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist after completing the Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course in Glasgow in January 2018. I have to say that the course was positively life changing at both a personal and professional level as I know that nowadays I can achieve my goals without the stress and anxiety I once felt. This has led me to be passionate about hypnotherapy and always get very excited when I see results in both my clients and myself (self-hypnosis is such a powerful tool!).

I was extremely lucky that soon after qualifying I found a local Holistic Therapy Centre who were happy to house a Hypnotherapist as part of their business. I immediately started to get clients, and have so far been focussing on clients for weight loss, phobias, stopping smoking, travel sickness, insomnia, stress and fertility issues. I always do plenty of advance prep for each client, something that my course tutors advise and something that I find always stands in good stead for getting good results!

At this time, I also started to write a weight control course for those wanting to manage their weight, having been inspired by LCCH International’s Principal for Scotland, Angela Trainer. I like the fact that LCCH International lecturers are prepared to go out of their way to share their experience and knowledge, helping those of us just starting out to progress in this fascinating career. I worked on this project with fellow graduate Sarah Russell and we set up our partnership company Milkdrop Hypnosis. We delivered our first group course in October 2018, and I’m delighted to say our clients loved it. They enjoyed the hypnotic experience and were genuinely disappointed when the course was over. We are planning further weight control courses in the New Year. Milkdrop Hypnosis also delivered a Festive De-Stress workshop at the start of December 2018 in the coastal town of Girvan in Ayrshire. This was also very well received and we got excellent feedback from the entire group who have asked us to come back.

I have loved every part of the journey I’ve taken to get where I am today and feel privileged to have met the amazing people who taught me. My peers and I are still in touch via a Facebook group, where we are able to support each other and bounce ideas around, and of course have occasional meet-ups when we can. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings and to growing our company Milkdrop Hypnosis.

My website is

My email address is

Or you can phone me on 07522 828067‬‬

Milkdrop Hypnosis can be found by searching for us on Facebook

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