Specialist Courses in Hypnotherapy and Other Techniques


Are you looking to add hypnosis to your therapeutic arsenal but don’t want to train as a hypnotherapist? Perhaps you simply want to take a course that qualifies you to work with a specific symptom or approach using hypnosis or another technique. If so, then these specialist courses are for you. They are designed to give you all the information and skills you need to work safely and ethically with a particular condition. Where relevant, approaches to inducing and deepening hypnosis will be included, so you do not need prior knowledge of this.

Course work

These specialist courses consist of intermittent weekends that are determined by the course content, personal tutorials sessions where appropriate and independent guided study. Further details can be found by looking at your courses individual promotional material. You will be provided with comprehensive weekend workbooks that deliver the core learnings of the course and contain strategies, theoretical background, hypnosis scripts, references, appendices and ongoing checkpoint activities designed to help you assess your progress.

To enhance your learning experience, you are strongly encouraged to read course material in advance of attending each weekend where it is available. In addition, you are also encouraged to carry out wider reading of relevant books and journal articles to broaden your knowledge beyond the course materials. LCCH International graduates pride themselves in their ability to have a broad spectrum of understanding of their subject, one that allows them to effectively communicate with other professionals.

Depending on your course, you may also have access to our online e-learning environment where you can post questions, interact with lecturers and other students on your course. Plenty of resource material is available to download in a variety of media formats.


These may form a part of your course requirements, so check with each courses promotional material for further details. You can, of course, always opt to have optional tutorials that can be arranged with your course lecturer. Such tutorials can provide you with a more personal understanding of the subject whilst allowing you to explore how the approaches being taught could be applied to individual scenarios that are personal to you.


These specialist courses in hypnotherapy are open to you if you have an interest in the subject being presented. Some of our courses may only be open to you if you have specific prior training and this will be highlighted in each courses promotional material. If you are wondering whether you would benefit from attending one of our courses, then do call us on 020 3603 8535 or email our office at info@lcchinternational.co.uk.

Exit skills

You will be awarded a certificate that confirms you are able practice using the specific skills you have learnt. We always recommend that you practice under clinical supervision, details of this will be available from your course lecturer.


Once you have successfully completed your course you can opt to train as a hypnotherapy practitioner. You can find out more by contacting us on 020 3603 8535 or email our office at info@lcchinternational.co.uk.


Courses coming soon

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