Treating Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Many of us have experienced the odd restless night from time to time but it’s thought that around a third of the British population has suffered a proper bout of insomnia: “Difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep for long enough to feel refreshed the next morning”.

There is no fixed amount of sleep humans require but quality sleep is central to good health and happiness. Age, lifestyle, environment, diet and the way we respond to an episode of tossing and turning are all factors that could determine whether we wind up in the 10% who go on sustain a chronic sleep disorder.

This Masterclass delves deeper in an attempt to offer up a fresh, holistic approach to an increasingly common complaint. It provides a solid foundation for practitioners working alongside clients wishing to resolve their sleep issues for good.

Topics include:

  • Brain waves and the stages of sleep
  • Chronobiology and the circadian rhythms (BRAC)
  • The hypothalamic/SCN/pineal mechanism (Retinohypothalamic tract)
  • The role of light and dark
  • The serotonin/melatonin link
  • Dietary and lifestyle factors and their impact
  • ‘Emotional Trance States’ (R.E.M. Sleep Disorder, S.A.D and depression)
  • Cognitive factors (the anxiety cycle and poor sleep perception)
  • Ultradian Rhythms and Hypnotic Phenomena
  • Natural ways to re-set/support the sleep cycle
  • Script outlines and session set-up

Course Leader

The course leader is Angela Mckrill. She completed her training with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) in 2001 and went on to nurture her growing passion for biology and the behavioural brain sciences through continued education.

In addition to the numerous professional certificates she has since accrued (including Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy), her expertise in the field of reproductive health were recognised by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) when, as a Fertile Body Method practitioner and HypnoBirthing® educator (Mongan Method), she was invited along to represent her sector on a panel discussion.

Today, Angela’s bespoke therapy style aligns over a decade’s worth of research into the New Sciences (such as chronobiology, psychoneuroimmunology) with her study of practical, auxiliary techniques.


This workshop is open to trainee and qualified hypnotherapists who are seeking gain a more in-depth understanding of the treatment of sleep disorders. Healthcare professionals, therapists and professionals from other disciplines are also welcome to attend.


The course costs: £125 (inc VAT)

CPD points

This course holds 5.5 hours verifiable CPD

Dates and venue

Leeds 14 October 2018                     BOOK NOW

Bristol 21 October 2018                    BOOK NOW

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