CPD Events


Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events – sometimes referred to as Masterclasses by our delegates – are usually held over one day where we present topics that will be of interest to hypnotherapists and other healthcare professionals. We cover a diverse range of subjects, with each event giving you the opportunity to enjoy an in-depth exploration of working with a particular condition or technique. We have also found that these events give you the opportunity to network and socialise with colleagues and therapists who have trained with other organisations.

Each event day will give you 5.5 hours of verifiable CPD.

Course work

You will be provided with a comprehensive workbook that delivers the core learnings of the event and contains strategies, theoretical background, hypnosis scripts, references and appendices.


These are optional and you can arrange one or more with individual event lecturers on an ad hoc basis. Such tutorials can provide you with a more personal understanding of the subject whilst allowing you to explore how the approaches being taught could be applied to patients you are currently treating.

Current courses

Working with Pain and Chronic Illness

This brand new class held in London, York and Birmingham explores innovative approaches to working with people experiencing pain and living with chronic illness. 

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Terms and conditions

The information (including fees) on this site is accurate at the time publication, but amendments may be made from time to time without notice, both in relation to individual courses and the facilities or services available from, or provided by, the College.

Course fees are fully inclusive of all course materials.

A minimum enrolment total is required for the opening of any class. The College reserves the right to withdraw or change a class, course or programme, if there is significant reduction in attendance.

Fees paid, either in full or in part, are not refundable unless the course is cancelled. However, should you not be accepted to attend the Course, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Required tutorial fees are paid directly to your tutor.

These conditions do not affect your statutory rights.


These CPD events are open to you if you have an interest in the subject being presented. Some of our events will require prior knowledge of certain hypnotic techniques or approaches and some will be open to non-hypnotherapists. This will be highlighted in each events promotional material. If you are wondering whether you would benefit from attending one of our events, then do call us on 020 3603 8535 or email our office at info@lcchinternational.co.uk.

Exit skills

These classes give you an in-depth understanding of a particular subject or technique. On successful completion of the Masterclass you will be able to apply this knowledge to your practice or to yourself.

You will receive a certificate of attendance detailing the number of CPD hours at the end of the day.


Each course costs: £125 (inc VAT)

Fees for optional tutorials: Contact your event lecturer for their current rate

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