Certificate Course


This eight-day intensive course provides a comprehensive introduction to your hypnotherapy training. It enables you to obtain a foundation of knowledge as an aid to the practice of hypnotherapy. You will acquire skills that are directly relevant to improving the quality of life for yourself and others. The course is part time and meets on four intermittent weekends. The course culminates in a practical exam and the submission, two weeks later, of a written essay.

The Certificate Course helps you to build the essential skills needed to effectively understand and apply the core theories and techniques of clinical hypnosis. The application and development of self-help tools is also an integral part of the learning process allowing you to comfortably engage more effectively with your learning. We also explore and address important ethical and safety issues involved in trance work that will help you to understand the conditions in which hypnosis may be contraindicated, as well as those times where particular techniques will be most effectively used.

Course work

The course consists of teaching weekends, tutorial sessions and independent guided study. You will be provided with weekend workbooks that deliver the core learnings of the course and contain hypnosis scripts, important theoretical background information, references, appendices and ongoing checkpoint activities (designed for self-assessment of your progress). To enhance your learning experience, you are strongly encouraged to read course material in advance of attending each weekend. In addition, you are also encouraged to carry out wider reading of relevant books and journal articles to broaden your knowledge beyond the course materials. LCCH International graduates pride themselves in their ability to have a broad spectrum of understanding of their subject, one that allows them to effectively communicate with other professionals.

Online resources

You will also have access to an online e-learning environment where you can post questions, interact with lecturers and other students on your course. Plenty of resource material is available to download that includes an example assessment essay, audio files, and other learning media.


Tutorials form an important and integral part of your training. At these sessions, your tutor will work with you, checking that you fully understand the content of the previous weekend and providing you with a chance to practice techniques learnt. Your tutor will also give helpful guidance for your exam.

On weekend one of the course you will be given a list of tutors. You will then be responsible for selecting and contacting a tutor – usually in your own area – and to meet for an hour’s tutorial at least once between each lecture weekend. A minimum of three tutorial sessions are required as part of your course and exam structure.

Current Certificate courses

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Terms and conditions

The information (including fees) on this site is accurate at the time publication, but amendments may be made from time to time without notice, both in relation to individual courses and the facilities or services available from, or provided by, the College.

Course fees are fully inclusive of all course materials.

A minimum enrolment total is required for the opening of any class. The College reserves the right to withdraw or change a class, course or programme, if there is significant reduction in attendance.

Fees paid, either in full or in part, are not refundable unless the course is cancelled. However, should you not be accepted to attend the Course, your deposit will be refunded in full.

Required tutorial fees are paid directly to your tutor.

These conditions do not affect your statutory rights.


Whether you are seeking to train as a hypnotherapist or simply have an interest in this fascinating subject this course is open to you. Irrespective of when you were last in education, we know that you have the ability to learn, and as such, we have developed an approach to teaching that allows every student to engage with the process of becoming competent in hypnotherapy. LCCH International offers equal opportunities to all prospective candidates, regardless of previous education, gender or disability.

We have always found that the Certificate Course has been useful to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. As well as those seeking a career change, health-care professionals, teachers, counsellors, social workers and those in the communications industry can usefully explore how they can bring hypnosis into the work they already do. There is ample scope for everyone – and we find an increasing number of our students come to hypnotherapy from commerce, industry, and domestic life.

Of course, as hypnotherapy involves working with members of the public, we do ask you to attend an interview with a one of our college officer before being accepted on our training programmes.

Exit skills

You will be awarded your Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis, along with a Relaxation and Stress Management certificate on successful completion of this course.

This shows that you will have the skills to work with the general public as a Relaxation and Stress Control Practitioner with the right to apply for professional indemnity insurance. You will be using hypnotic and non-hypnotic approaches to help people build resilience to stress by reducing the impact it has on their lives. A number of our students – now successful clinical hypnotherapy practitioners – have been able, partially or fully, to finance their on-going studies through such activities.


You will be able to progress on to the Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course (PDCH) when you successfully complete of the Certificate Course.

Learning skills

To enrich your learning experience, LCCH International has developed an approach to enhance your learning and memory. We deliver this as part of the course, and it is taught through posthypnotic suggestion and self-hypnosis, so results can be noticed immediately. Many have told us that this not only helps with their exam preparation, but also in their everyday working and home life.


The course costs: £714
Deposit: £234 (payable on booking)
Balance: £480
Examination fee: £145 (payable on the day of your examination)
Tutorial fees: £30 per student per hour (payable directly to your tutor)