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LCCH International Faculty

All our lecturers are experienced clinical hypnotherapists from diverse backgrounds, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to your training.


My great passion is to enable my clients to take control of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours when facing stressful experiences and life’s stressors. My motivation originally came from my journey caring for my wife and helping her overcome cancer.

The transition from hotel management to studying psychotherapy, complementary therapies and hypnotherapy was a natural progression as a direct result from my role as a carer. I have worked in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) field for over twenty years. I am able to combine the different therapeutic approaches to personalise my treatments for my clients.

In order to share my skills, I volunteered as a therapist at Mind in Greenwich and as a clinical hypnotherapist in the Oncology Unit at St Georges’ Hospital. I served as a member on my local residents’ association for many years, developing and promoting neighbourhood events.

Encouraged by colleagues and friends to utilise my teacher training qualification, and my extensive experience and knowledge as a specialist lecturer teaching students at a range of colleges to both further education and degree levels, I co-founded and am Vice Principal of LCCH International college, we train students in clinical hypnotherapy to promote wellbeing and healing, thus raising the profile of hypnotherapy within the CAM field. I am a Fellow of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.


Head of Academic Studies

Julia is a hypnotherapist working in Central London. Spending more than 25 years within a public sector organisation, her MSc research and subsequent clinical focus has been on helping clients presenting with all types of anxiety, particularly the increasingly prevalent issue of workplace anxiety. She has also worked with a comprehensive range of performance related issues, including: performance anxiety and performance enhancement. An advocate of positive psychology principles linked to workplace wellbeing, Julia believes that ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Julia is responsible for running the academic assessment process within the college.

Principal & Director of LCCH International Portugal

Tess Serrano has an honours degree in Psychology from the University of Lancaster, and has been a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) since 1993. In 1995 she completed a Master’s Degree in Environmental Ethics and Values at the University of Lancaster. She had an internship at the Jewish Social Services in Manchester, helping to support institutionalised patients and their integration into the community. She studied Clinical Hypnotherapy in Manchester and has been a practicing clinical hypnotherapist in Portugal since 2000. She also served as a Human Resources Advisor from 2000-2010, until she took over the Direction of LLCCH International in Portugal, where she runs regular courses in Porto and Lisbon. She is also an EMDR therapist and member of the EMDR Association of Portugal.



Catherine has a strong foundation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, having gained her MSc in the subject and been practicing for 14 years. Catherine has an eclectic and pluralistic approach, integrating Mindfulness, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Hypnotherapy depending on the needs of her clients. In addition to her private practice, Catherine has worked with MIND (mental health organisation) and in Education. She runs mindfulness groups and workshops, and teaches mindfulness in schools to both pupils and teachers.



Gwyneth’s original interest in hypnotherapy arose via NLP around 10 years ago when she began training with LCCH.
She has completed a post-graduate qualification in clinical hypnotherapy. In private practice Gwyneth specialises in anxiety and infertility issues.
Her background is predominantly in Human Resources and development, with her overall area of interest being the actions and behaviours of individuals and organisations.



There is tremendous power within us, the power to be free from our anxieties, to be free from our depression, from our limiting beliefs and within every single one of us there is omnipotent power to completely transform our lives. Hypnosis is something that has completely transformed me as a person and has opened the way to tapping into amazing potentials which were within myself that I never thought was possible. My dream is to show everyone that within themselves lies an incredible source of power which can cause liberation from all forms of suffering. Hypnosis is a powerful tool that has just done that for me. Alongside my journey into Hypnosis, I have learnt from many spiritual masters from the east and west. These teachings I incorporate as a daily way of living and have enriched my hypnosis and the way I have helped my clients and teach the fundamental tools of self-transformation.


Tutor, Digital Marketing

Elizabeth completed her hypnotherapy training in 2010. With an interest in relationships, she uses her NLP training along with hypnotherapy to help women have a great love life. She has also started helping people change career.Formerly a Chartered Accountant, happiness at her career change led her to also support people who are wanting to change career to a more rewarding and fulfilling one. She enjoy working with people of all ages, while especially enjoying working with people in their 20s and 30s to have a great career and/or relationship.



Priya is a practising hypnotherapist and tutors for LCCH I.

She favours the eclectic pluralistic approach to hypnotherapy, using a client centred combination of psychodynamic and cognitive approaches. She incorporates trauma and anxiety management including EMDR.

Priya started her journey in becoming a hypnotherapist when working in the field of physical therapy and uses a more esoteric approach. Her experience as a physical therapist helped highlight the deep connection between mind and body and how the condition of both have a profound effect on the way each other function.

The esoteric aspect of trance and altered states of consciousness, whether induced by religious ritual, tribal shamanic practice or meditation and spiritual pursuits, become the subject Priya chose to study to complete her MSc in clinical hypnotherapy .

Regaining personal power and being able to take responsibility for one’s self can truly set a client on the road to freedom.



Angela completed her principal hypnotherapy training in 2002 and in 2014 she became a certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist.

Her auxiliary studies in the field of reproductive health (namely HypnoFertility, HypnoBirthing© and psychosexual disorders) reflect her interest in human biology as well as psychology.

Angela currently sees clients at 4 London-based clinics and her bespoke treatment style draws on years of research, training and practice; aligning modern hypnotic methodology with current developments in the field of mind-body medicine.


Visiting Lecturer, Digital Marketing Consultant

An LCCH alumni, Claire Marshall went on to run her own hypnotherapy practice and specialised in hypnobirthing as well as also training as a coach and guiding others on business strategy and development. Digital Marketing aspect of the business that Claire most thrived on, she now specialises in specifically providing bespoke digital marketing solutions for the training industry, hypnotherapists and coaches.


Head Supervisor, Tutor, Examiner

‘I love what I do and know that I can help make a difference to those who have lost their way in life or are held back by unwanted fears, phobias, habits, and behaviours’. I am a practicing hypnotherapist, with a background in aesthetics and complementary therapies, having enjoyed helping people feel better with physical therapies that led to training in Hypnotherapy, utilising the powerful mind body connection.I trained at LCCH in 2006 in Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and EMDR, and work with an eclectic and pluralistic approach, incorporating Mindfulness, Cognitive Therapy, ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.My clinical focus is on clients with anxiety, auto-immune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, weight reduction, including the virtual gastric band, and the game of golf.I worked at Cherry Lodge Cancer Care in Barnet which supports people living with cancer, their families, and carersSince 2011 I have been a supervisor and tutor at the LCCH assisting students in the classroom as well as and mentoring new supervisors


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